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Tuesday, March 26th from 9am-7pm

XL Soccer World

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60%  /  $10 fee  Consignors (who do not volunteer)

62%  /  $10 fee  2+ hour volunteers

65%  /  $10 fee  4+ hour volunteers

65%  /  zero fee  6+ hour volunteers

70%  /  zero fee  8+ hour volunteers

72%  /  zero fee  12+ hour volunteers

75%  /  zero fee  18+ hour volunteers

*** see other exclusive perks, available only to volunteers,  below!


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JBF is a communitte event that is run by volunteers.  Volunteers who also consign earn a higher % on their sale and get to SHOP EARLY!



Tuesday,March 26th from 9am-7pm



Sunday, March 31st from 8-9pm

all items not picked up by 9:01pm will be donated to JBF's local charity partner



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Clothing sizes (NB to Juniors) JBF Accepts

INFANT SIZES:  Preemie, NB, 0-3, 3mo, 3-6, 6mo, 6-9, 9mo, 9-12, 12mo

TODDLER SIZES:  12-18, 18mo, 18-24, 24mo, 2T, 3T, 4T, 4, 5T

LITTLE KIDS:  5, 6, 6x (7 in boys)

BIG KIDS (GIRLS):  Small (8), Medium (10), Medium (12), Large (14)

BIG KIDS (BOYS):  Small (8), Medium (10), Medium (12), Large (14), Large (16), XL (18), XL (20)

MATERNITY:  XXS (0-2), XS (2-4), Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14), XL (14-16), XXL (18 & up)


Large items are Hot Sellers

Here are some non-clothing items that are ALWAYS in high demand at our sale:

  • STROLLERS:  Especially hot are double strollers and jogging strollers.  Favorite brand names include:  Uppa Baby, BOB, Bugaboo, Britax, Quinny, City Select & City Mini
  • BABY EQIPMENT:  Bouncy seats, Excersaucers, Jump-a-roos, Rock & Play, Swings, baby seats, High chairs, playmats, activity tables
  • TOYS, TOYS, TOYS:  Push toys, ride on toys, Fisher Price Imaginext, Little People and more!
  • DOLLS:  American Girls dolls, furniture and accessories.  Barbie dolls, clothing, accessories
  • OUTDOOR PLAY:  Water tables, sand tables, Slides, trikes, big wheels, wagons, Little tikes and Step2 jungle gyms
  • INDOOR LARGE TOYS:  Train tables, doll houses, barbie houses

Clothing brands

Consignors with the highest sell-through rates have a few things in common:

  1. They price their items to sell!  We recomend selling your items at least 75% off of lowest retail prices.
  2. They include their items in the 25/50% off sale
  3. The clothing they sell is current, a popular brand and in new or gently used condition

Popular resale brands for children include:  Carters, GAP, Gymboree, Children's Place, Janie & Jack, Lilly Pulitzer, Hartstrings, Nautica, Zutano, TEA Collection, Pippa and Julie, Jelly and the Pug, Disney, Rare Edition, Nannette, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, Amy Coe, Speechless, Hanna Andersson


Maternity:  A Pea in the Pod, GAP, Motherhood, LOFT, Ingrid & Isabel, Jessica Simpson.  Also, dresses of any kind are highly saught after, as well as maternity wear that is new with tags.  There is a 10 pc limit to maternity clothing items per consignor.

Safety & Recalls

Safety is the top priority at Just Between Friends - we do not accept any consigned items that have been recalled.  An excellent resource for checking items for recalls is:  www.wemakeitsafer.com

Here are some of the top recalled children's items:

  • Nap Nanny
  • Bumbo seats without straps (recall kit available from Bumbo)
  • Baby bath tubs
  • Cribs manufactured prior to June 28, 2011
  • Graco strollers too numerous to list (check here)
  • FIsher Price rainforest infant swing (the small one, low to ground)
  • Step2 push around buggys mfct prior to 03/10 (recall kit available)
  • Graco car seats, too numerous to list individually... check site below to see if yours is included (recall kit available from Graco)
  • Chicco Polly High Chair manufactured prior to 10/13/10
  • Graco Harmony High Chair manufactured prior to December 2009
  • Summer Infant baby bathers manufactured prior to Nov 2011
  • Fisher Price infant toys/equipment with inflatable balls
  • Eddie Bauer rocking wood bassinet (sold before January 2011)
  • Infantino sling rider baby slings
  • FIsher Price close to me high chair (sold prior to Sept 2010)
  • Fisher Price trikes sold prior to 6/16/10 (recall kit available)
  • Kids2 baby einstein activity jumper with "Sun" toy
  • hoverboards

Successful Consignor Tips


Be selective with the items you consign - only bring your best.  Remember we inspect items to benefit you and all of our shoppers...we have a reputation of offering quality items and we want to keep that standard at all of our events.

Larger clothing sizes (3T and up) sell very well because there isn't as much to choose from.  Just be sure the styles are current because kids are pickier about styles as they get older and wear their clothing out faster.

Try to bring at least one "big ticket" item.  Items that always sell are strollers, cribs, exersaucers, swings, train tables, sand tables, water tables, trikes, big wheels, doll/Barbie houses and large little tikes / step2 - type toys.  Obviously the larger the item, the larger your check will be!

Bundle like items and outfits together.  Selling items as outfits or bundling shirts, onsies or pants together saves you time when tagging... just make sure they are all the same size.  Use industrial safety pins to attach items to one another.

Secure all loose items / accessories with tape or zip ties.   Make sure all of your items have their parts attached tightly so they don't get separated.  Shoes should be attached to one another by zip tie or ribbon.

Tag your items properly and be descriptive.  Not only does this help shoppers, but it also helps us match tags that get separated from their items.  List the brand first, then the item description.  With a descriptive tag, we can look up your item and print a new tag if needed.  Make sure you sue white cardstock paper when printing your tags. 

Participate in the half price sale.  On Sunday, most shoppers are looking for items without a star.  Make sure your star is printed in red to avoid confusion.

Don't forget to clean out your child's book and movie shelves.    Children's books and DVD's are especially hot sellers.  Be sure DVD's are not scratched.  Games and puzzles are also popular.

Prep and tag your items year-round.  Prepping for a sale is easier when you prep your items as your children outgrow them and tag a bit at a time.  Set aside an area in your home to put hanging clothes and a bin or two for other items and you will be surprised at how little time it takes to get everything ready for drop off.   Tag 365 days / year;  it is never to early to start tagging for the next sale!

Review your pricing.  A general rule of thumb is to price items at least 75% off of the lowest retail price.  Price closer to 50% for brand new or specialty items.  Well loved items should be priced closer to 90% off or more.   If your items are priced right, you should expect to sell around 75% of your items at the sale!  Additionally, if your items have not sold after three sales, reduce,& re-tag or donate them please.

Check for recalls before consignor drop off.  Safety comes first at JBF and we do not accept or sell and recalled items without the manufacture's recall fix (ex.  Bumbo seats can only be resold with the strap kit from Bumbo).  Take a moment to review your items and check www.wemakeitsafer.com for important safety and recall alerts.

Volunteer during the event to earn more money!  JBF is a totally volunteer based community event; we rely on the help of our consignors to make it all happen.  Volunteering at JBF is fun, flexible and you meet new friends!  Plus volunteers earn 70% vs 60% for non-volunteering consignors.  Volunteers who help out for at least 8 hours also have their $10 consignor fee waived.  VOLUNTEERS GET TO SHOP BEFORE THE PUBLIC AND BRING FRIEND(S).

Promote each JBF sales event within your circle of friends and family.    The more shoppers we have, the more you will sell.  Pass out flyers, post JBF event posters, hand out free admission passes as it gets closer to the sale.  Make sure that you share JBF at your child's school, daycare, church, work, mom's group, sports team... you get the picture.  Everyone wins as our event grows and reaches out to others in the Orlando community.

JBF does NOT accept these items

Because safety is our #1 priority, we do not sell any items that have been recalled (unless they have their recall retrofit form the manufacturer... a good example is BUMBO seats - we can only sell them if they have straps)

We do not sell cribs that were manufactureed prior to 6/28/11, due to recall.


Other items that JBF does not accept:

  • VHS tapes
  • TV's
  • used underwear
  • Vintage toys (1970's fisher price, old dolls, etc)
  • Nap Nanny (recalled)
  • Hoverboards
  • Dirty or stained clothing
  • Toys without working batteries


JBF accepts the following items conditionally, or in limited quantities:

  • Maternity clothing - bring your best!  Moms are super picky with maternity clothing.  We ask consignors to limited maternity to 10 items per consignor, per sale.  See our list of preferred brands.
  • Onsies - best when sold in groups of 5 - try pinning them through the shoulders with a hanger in the middle
  • Cribs - We always sell out of cribs!  They must be manufactured & purchased after 6/28/11 (due to recall).  You will need to set the crib up during consignor drop off in the designated furniture area.
  • Stuffed animals - are accepted in limited quantitiy and must be in excellent condition!  Brand allowed include:  Gund, GAP, Disney, Fisher Price, holiday themed and other charactor-type stuffed animals and dolls
  • Juniors clothing - are currently not being accepted at JBF Orlando
  • Women's Clothing / shoes - Remeber, Junior clothing is in ODD sizes (3-5-7-9), compared to women's EVEN sizes (4-6-8-10).  While JBF does accept maternity and Junior clothing, we do NOT accept women's clothing sizes.



No time to consign?  We've got you covered!  The JBF valet consignor program is a no-hassle option where JBF will pick up your items NOW, price & tag them and take them to the sale for you!  You will receive your consignor commission within two weeks of the sale!  Now how is that for easy??

- contact us for more details, email Josie



We have created a private forum on Facebook for our active consignors to post questions and exchange ideas about consigning.  Tagging tips, recalls and how to price items are frequently talked about topics.  Plus occasional contests just for consignors!

To join, you must be registered for the next JBF Orlando sales event.  You can request to join the group HERE




Just Between Friends has all of the supplies you need to get started, on our NEW Amazon site!  Tagging guns, cardstock paper, tape, zip ties, batteries, storage bags and more!  We even have rolling racks!

Plus, sometimes we post "hot buys" / deals from Amazon :-)







Josie Karash, owner

Orlando Just Between Friends

(407)276-2469 - text friendly

I get it!  Raising kids is expensive!  That's why I started Orlando Just Between Friends... providing a place for local moms to buy and sell the best in gently used and new children's items!

Just Between Friends has the best selection of children's products at the lowest prices!  Because keeping children safe is our number one priority, we utilize recall manuals and other tools to ensure only the safest items are for sale.